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Packaging eco-system

All our preforms and bottles are manufactured at the source, reducing transport and related carbon emissions. 

We continually strive to further shrink our carbon footprint. We recently reduced our label sizes and light-weighted the 5L bottle (22% less plastic).

We use Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) for the manufacture of our bottles. PET has been rigorously tested under FDA guidelines to ensure its safety as a food and beverage container suitable for storage and recycling. PET bottles are BPA-free.


We have just launched our new eco-bottle, across the full range of products in an effort to lighten our environmental impact on the planet. The new eco-bottles are made using a mix of recycled PET plastic (rPET) and virgin plastic. The eco-bottles are 100% recyclable and suitable for bottle-2-bottle recycling. 

Currently, the Tsitsikamma Spring Water eco bottle only contains 30% rPET due to lack of availability of recycled PET. We aim to increase this percentage to 50% by May of 2020 and ultimately reach 100% rPET as YOU, our customer, recycles more. The more you recycle, the more rPET will be available to reuse.

It is the first Spring Water in South Africa available in a bottle made using rPET, and the first water bottler to launch the use of rPET across the entire range of bottles. Tsitsikamma Spring Water is a delicate product and its packaging needs to ensure that the product you drink retains the water’s unique, naturally sweet and delicate taste. For this reason we only uses the highest quality rPET, which is supplied by Extrupet (Pty) Ltd. Extrupet is the largest and most advanced recycler of PET bottles on the African continent. Through a distinctive process and adherence to international standards, Extrupet is able to produce a resin that compares favourably with the quality of virgin PET material and has placed them as market leaders in the plastic recycling industry. 

How can you, as a consumer, make a difference to our planet? 

Choose a responsible packaging choice, not all PET bottles are created equal. Do your part by following this simple guide to make sure that your used PET containers can be recycled into new rPET bottles to create a circular economy:
  1. Choose a clear or light blue tinted PET bottle – these can be recycled back into new bottles – to create a circular economy. Dark PET  such as red, brown and dark green cannot be recycled into new rPET bottles.
  2. Choose a bottle with a small wraparound label. These are easy to remove during the recycling process.
  3. Stick on labels are difficult to remove and these bottles generally end up in landfill.
  4. Make sure the cap is recyclable.
  5. Make sure your bottle is clean – this is why water is a great choice as the contents in the bottle is inherently clean. If you do drink a juice or soft drink make sure you rinse your bottle before recycling it.

PET bottles are not single-use plastics

South Africa has one of the highest audited PET recycling rates in the world. In 2018 a recycling rate of 63% was achieved, which translates to 6.2 million PET bottles per day. In 2019 67% of PET was recycled and South Africa is on track to meet a target of a 70% PET recycling rate by 2022. This means more PET bottles are being recycled than what are going to landfill. The PET recycling industry created an estimated minimum of 68 000 income opportunities for waste-preneurs in SA in 2018. This has a significant knock-effect among the poorest and most vulnerable of our citizens in a country where unemployment rates are devastatingly high at over 29%. The PET Recycling Company (PETCO) is an industry-driven and industry-financed organization that drives PET recycling in SA. They have done fantastic work in reaching PET recycling targets and placing South Africa as a world leader in PET recycling. Tsitsikamma Crystal has been a voluntary member of PETCO, contributing financially to recycling since 2006. For more information on PET recycling and how you can help please visit http://petco.co.za/. 

Keep recycling, we’ll keep reusing.

Did You Know?

Did You Know   Whales

Tsitsikamma Spring Water helped save whales

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For every bottle you buy Tsitsikamma Crystal Mountain Spring Water donates to GKEPF, FOR RHINO PROTECTION. Rhino