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Tsitsikamma Spring Water launches new eco-bottles

Published December 20, 2019 13:57

We have just launched our new eco-bottle, across the full range of products in an effort to lighten our environmental impact on the planet. The new eco-bottles are made using a mix of recycled PET plastic (rPET) and virgin plastic. The eco-bottles are 100% recyclable and suitable for bottle-2-bottle recycling.

It is the first Spring Water in South Africa available in a bottle made using rPET, and the first water bottler to launch the use of rPET across the entire range of bottles.

Currently, the Tsitsikamma Spring Water eco-bottle only contains 30% rPET due to lack of availability of recycled PET. We aim to increase this percentage to 50% by May of 2020 and ultimately reach 100% rPET as YOU, our customer, recycles more. The more you recycle, the more rPET will be available to reuse.

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For every bottle you buy Tsitsikamma Crystal Mountain Spring Water donates to GKEPF, FOR RHINO PROTECTION. Rhino