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Healthier alternative to soda with high sugar and caffeine content

Tsitsikamma Crystal spent years with the best product developers doing blind taste tests until we had confirmation that our delicious flavours would take the market by storm ... and they did! So enjoy our refreshing splash of superb flavour which is loved by young and old alike. Much more enjoyment with far less kilojoules – now isn’t that a smarter choice?

Our awesome flavours include:

Apple (500 ml) Crisp sparkling sweetness
Berry (500 ml) Juicy, delicate and sweet
Lemon (500 ml) Refreshing lemon cooler
Litchi (500 ml) Fragrant and sweet
Marula (500 ml) Africa's fruit of the wild
Naartjie (500 ml) Citrus flavour splash
Pineapple (500 ml) Sun kissed summer pineapple

Did You Know?


Tsitsikamma Crystal has launched two more best sellers… Apple and Pineapple

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Tsitsikamma Crystal Mountain Spring Water makes a donation to GAME RESERVES UNITED for every bottle of water you buy. Rhino