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About Us

The Tsitsikamma was home to the ancient Khoisan people who called it ‘Sietsiekamma ‘or ‘place of clear water’. It is here that Judy Woodgate started a bottling plant in 1997 after discovering the high quality of spring water on their Tsitsikamma farm. Tsitsikamma Crystal Spring Water is sourced from a quartzite aquifer within the pristine Tsitsikamma Mountains. It is filtered naturally as it journeys through layers of rock which impart a delicate balance of minerals that give it its unique sweet flavour.

Today Tsitsikamma Crystal Spring Water CC operates from tailor-made premises and the business has diversified into an entity that not only bottles still, sparkling and flavoured water, but also manufactures its own bottles and preforms.

Did You Know?


Tsitsikamma Crystal’s bottles are manufactured from PET plastic that is safe and 100% recyclable.

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For every bottle you buy Tsitsikamma Crystal Mountain Spring Water donates to GKEPF, FOR RHINO PROTECTION. Rhino